Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Fun and Frolic at The Heritage Hotel Manila

Happy Easter 2009

Hickory Dickory Dock,
Violet gazed at the clock,
The clock struck noon
Easter here so soon!
Hickory Dickory Dock

Adorable Twin Easter Bunnies

Magic and Mystery

Giant carrot from Bugs Bunny Farms

Violet's World: Stories, Puppets and Children

Charlotte's Web: Some Cow. Some Bunnies. Terrific.
Radiant. Humble. E.B White will be proud!

Behind the scenes: The Curious case of Chuckie's Buttons, Easter Bunny Celiz Abag, Violet (Ms. Jo-Ann Emperado),Ms. Gladys Biala and son. Curious boy trying to uncover Chuckie's secret stash of oxygene, Easter Bunny Celine Abag,Ms. Wilma Avila, Ms. Romina Gervacio, Ms. Amie Bejar and
Ms. Liza Tranquilino.

Special Thanks to the Sponsors

The entire family enjoyed an Easter Story-telling, Easter magic, Easter Scavenger Hunt, Easter bunny & Easter egg games; face painting; meet and greet Nestle Chuckie mascot and overflowing goodies in a barnyard ambiance replete with friendly neighborhood puppet snake, sheep, dog, cow and rabbit and many more surprises, during the Easter Celebration dubbed as “Easter Fun and Frolic” on April 12, 2009, Lunch Buffet at the Riviera Cafe.

Guests celebrated a meaningful and joyful Easter with loved ones at the Riviera Café's Lunch Buffet where moms and dads, and children,dotting grandmas and grandpas showcased their artistic chops and brought out the creative soul in the Jazz Up the Easter Egg Contest.

Goodies were provided by Nestle, Coca Cola, Summit Media's K-Zone & Disney Princess, GALLO Pasta, Orion Choco Pie, Chips Delights, Smileys, Egg Bites, Nai Cha, Gandour, Ped Zinc, Cherifer, Suave Kids, Floucaril Kids and Active Fun.

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