Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Journey to July Gastronomies at The Heritage Hotel Manila


Riviera Café
Lunch/Dinner Buffet
PhP 1,288.++

Soothe the appetite for a healthy and piping hot broth with  authentic Japanese Shabu-Shabu on a claypot, accentuating the international buffet spread.  Our Chefs at the live cooking station will swish and splish-splash choice of fresh seafood, noodles, slivered vegetables and paper-thin slices of meats on steaming soup base and serve it with sesame dipping sauce.


Lobby Lounge
3:30pm - 5:30 pm daily
PhP 300.++

Jump into the Singapore craze for the favorite afternoon snack of Kaya, coconut egg jam with hints of pandan and a carving of butter on warm toast or puff pastry. Served with a small bowl of wanton noodle and a glass of iced coffee or tea.

Cake of the Month

Whole:  PhP 950.++
Slice:     PhP 170.++

Sinfully moist, rich, decadent and RED, give in to silky layers of chocolate - kissed vermillion in between cream cheese.

Anticipate delight in every velvety bite!

Drink of the Month

PhP 260.++

Reward yourself with the  sweet yellow corn in the cool mix of crushed ice, fresh milk and vanilla essence.

Rich in fiber that helps lower your sugar level and vitamin B1, B5, C & E for your immune system!

Wine of the Month

Bottle:   PhP 1,600.++
Glass:    PhP    350.++

Cuvee Rouge - bright cherry red in colour. Complement well with red meats, casseroles and cheeses.

Cuvee Blanc -  bright yellow in colour. Can be served on its own or as an aperitif with seafood and salads.

For inquiries & reservations please call 854.8888 loc. 7355 or 
++Price inclusive of 12% Vat, subject to 10% Service Charge and 0.825% Local Tax

Monday, June 13, 2011


Aroz Valenciana

Chicken Binakol

 Crispy Pata



Suman sa Ibos Suman sa Dahon Leche Flan Sapin-sapin

Experience a vibrant rhapsody of flavors in celebration of Philippine Independence Day with the rich heart-thumping beats, resplendent colors and abundance of distinct yet perfectly blended tastes of the country’s gastronomic heritage during the Fiesta Filipiniana amidst an international lunch/dinner buffet fare at the Riviera Café for the month-long food fest in June 2011.

Tantalize the palate to the lavishness of Philippine cuisine and uncover the exuberance and joie de vivre of Philippine fiestas, the Bayanihan spirit and the culinary influence of three centuries of Spanish colonial rule and the lively trade with Chinese, Indian, Malay and the spice laden local recipes and ingredients. The joyful outcome of which is a mirthful melting pot of savory, sour, tangy, sweet aromas and essences  as diverse and fascinating as the country’s 7,107 islands.

With artful culinary black belt chops, The Heritage Hotel Manila’s chefs recreate classic Philippine fiesta favorites and masterfully craft gourmet renditions of Lechon (a whole roasted suckling pig), Hamonado (honey-cured beef), Fish Escabeche (Fried Fish With Sweet And Sour Sauce), Rellenong Alimasag (Stuffed Crabs), Paella, Kare-kare (oxtail and vegetables cooked in peanut sauce), together with other gastronomic wonders. Relish the gourmand’s version of Bagoong as the sauce de rigor to perfectly pair with your choice of Philippine main entrée. This fermented sauce is the country’s answer to Malaysia’s Balachan, Indonesia’ Trassi, and Thailand’s Kapi.
Executive Chef Alex Chong leads the Filipino dream team of Philippine cuisine experts. Sous Chef Domeng Madriano, Sous Chef Roger Armas, Pastry Chef Leanne Canono and Commis Chef Karl Fortaleza have been at one point recently represented the country in as Guest Chefs in the Filipino Food Promotion in the sister 5-Star Deluxe Millennium properties in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore and Millennium Hotel Sirih, Jakarta.

Chef Domeng’s versatility and expertise is reflected in the diverse international cuisine as well as Filipino cuisine he has been whipping up to the delight of discerning guests in the Hotel industry for 15 years.  His irresistible sauces drapes Filipino-fusion gastronomic marvels: pan-fried fish with vanilla sauce, pork spareribs with special sauce, sauteed lamb with black pepper sauce, fried seafood with chili hoisin sauce and lamb osso bucco and his renditions of hams and smoked items.

On the other hand, Sous Chef Roger Armas has disarmed the most discerning diners from various cultural background, preference and even lineage akin to royalty, with his authentic Filipino cuisine and signature Filipino touches to international dishes. There’s something magically wonderful about his Filipino regional specialties particularly Pangasinan cuisine that one cannot help but get a second serving of flavorful delights such as Paella, Menudo, Mechado, Chicken Embotido ,Lengua, Estofada, Pinakbet, Seafood in Coconut Milk and many more. To the uninitiated, Pangasinan cuisine is an authentic melting pot of Spanish cooking techniques and flavorings (olive oil, chorizo) and exquisite Filipino ingredients, herbs and spices (such as coconut milk, spicy shrimp paste, etc.) Moreover, Chef Roger is no stranger to whipping up dishes fit for royalty and artistic sensibilities. His international culinary creations with an inventive Filipino flare such as his original recipe of Fish Sarciado with Poppy Seeds delighted the Royal family of Saudi Arabia and diplomatic officials throughout his adventure in Saudi Arabia and Taipei.

As a sweet endnote for diners, Chef Leanne and Chef Karl present new epicurean interpretations of sweet delights such as Kakanin (Native Rice Cakes), Maja Blanca (Corn Pudding), Leche Flan (Caramel Custard), Turon ((Crispy Banana Rolls), Buko Salad A La Crema (Young Coconut Salad with Sweet Cream), and the icy-goodness of Halo-halo.

For inquiries and dining reservations, call The Heritage Hotel Manila at 854-8888 or e-mail