Monday, August 31, 2009

Malaysian Culinary Delights and Halal Cuisine at The Heritage Hotel Manila

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Malaysian Chicken Curry

Chicken Satay

Indulge your senses to a gastronomic adventure filled with colorful bursts of flavors and spices embedded in each of the artistically prepared epicurean delight of the Malaysian and Halal cuisine amidst the international fare at the Riviera Café’s lunch and dinner buffet.

All Halal cuisine are placed the main dining area. One of the crowning gastronomic jewels at the main kitchen theatre is the aromatic Malaysian Satay, the famous meat-on-a-stick with a spicy and nutty sweetness famous from New York to Paris. There’s a choice of chicken or mutton satay and everyone agrees that the secret of the tender, succulent satay is, of course, in the rich, spicy-sweet marinate and its spicy-sweet peanut sauce.

Muslim patrons will be elated to know that in observance of Ramadan until the 20th of September, they can partake of the meal before dawn or Sahur at the Lobby Lounge or via room service at the comforts of one of the Hotel’s room or suites. Alongside the Hotel’s signature cuisine namely Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice with Halal-certified meats, Nasi Goreng Istimewata, Chicken Curry with imported herbs and spices and Nasi Lemak considered as the national dish in Kuala Lumpur are available for a la Carte. Nasi Lemak is rice soaked and steamed in coconut cream for richness and flavor and spiced with pandan leaves, ginger and lemon grass to add fragrance. Traditionally, Nasi Lemak is wrapped in banana leaf and served with cucumber slices, small dried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot spicy sauce (sambal).

Moreover, for the convenience of Muslim guests, a devoted prayer room with prayer mat and Kiblat is provided for in-house guests to reflect and meditate in solitude during Ramadan.

Explore Malaysia’s must-try epicurean delights at The Heritage Hotel Manila’s Riviera Café. For inquiries and reservations, please call 854-8888 or e-mail The Heritage Hotel Manila is managed by the Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

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