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Welcome the auspicious Year of the Golden Tiger while unlockin the secrets and flavors of abundance, bliss, good health and good luck tucked in the golden dust sprinkled Lo Hei Chinese Prosperity Buffet highlighting the uniquely Singaporean-styled Yu Sheng Lunar New Year Good Fortune Salad for lunch/dinner buffet at the Riviera Café from February 14 to 28, 2010 for only PhP 1,288.++ per person except on February 14 dinner available at PhP 1,600.++ per person.
Ride on the tide of exhilarating vibes as the Chinese New Year revelries kick off with the timeless, heart-pounding, colorful and breath-taking ceremonies of the traditional lion and dragon dance, coin tossing and the lighting of firecrackers at the Hotel Lobby on February 14, 2010 at 11am.
Achieve balance and harmony of yin and yang as you savor the bountiful Chinese New Year feast teeming with symbolism of good providence, youthfulness, happiness and wealth especially conjured by Executive Chef Alvin Ng. Embrace the Confucian culinary philosophy of the complementary pair of yin and yang with every bite of the Chinese New Year gastronomic marvels from Yu Sheng Salad (New Year Rainbow  Raw Salmon Salad), Tsong Tsai Fan (Special Mini Pot Rice with Chinese Sausage), Tsong Tsai Tong (Mini Pot Soup), Ho Xi Fatt Choy (Braised Dried Oyster with Black Moss and Vegetable) to the tempting sweet Muar Chee (Glutinous Rice Ball Glazed with Grated Peanuts).
Each Chinese epicurean pleasure evokes a balance in color, flavors, and textures. Certain ingredients are thought to have yin or cooling properties which decreases the body’s heat and lower metabolism, while others have warm, yang properties (spicy food) which conversely increase the body’s heat and raise the metabolism.

Yin foods tend to have high water content such as bean sprouts, cabbage, carrots, crabs, cucumber, duck, tofu, watercress. Yang foods on the other hand include beef, chicken, eggs, ginger, glutinous rice, mushrooms, sesame oil, rice wine. The challenge is to partake of a healthy balance between the two.  Almost no Chinese dish is purely yin or yang, though one characteristic tends to dominate, balance and contrast between the ingredients are important. Interestingly, cooking methods also have more of a yin qualities – boiling, braising, poaching and steaming or yang properties – deep-frying, roasting, baking and stir-frying.
Furthermore, attract positive energies and help forge stronger and more meaningful personal and business relationships with the must-try Lunar New Year Prosperity Salad Platter known as Yu Sheng Salad.  Yu means "fish" but when pronounced, it also means "abundance"; and Sheng means literally "raw" but enunciated appropriately, it means "life". Thus, Yu Sheng implies "abundance of wealth and long life".
Participate in the Yu Sheng Prosperity salad ceremony and have a first hand experience of the traditional “Lo Hei!” which is Cantonese for "tossing luck" with family and friends. This ingenious dish was popularized in Singapore and Malaysia decades ago.  Chopsticks are used to toss the ingredients as high in the air as you can. Make a wish and shout “Lo Hei!” for abundance and good fortune as you toss.
Bring home a pack of luck and hold your own private traditional ceremony of tossing the Yu Sheng, the Lunar New Year prosperity salad platter for only PhP 1,488.00++ good for eight to ten persons. Smaller portions of the prosperity platter are also available.
Prices quoted are subject to inclusive of 10% VAT but subject to 10% service charge and applicable local tax.  The Heritage Hotel Manila is a member of the Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

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