Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“EASTER GOES GREEN at The Heritage Hotel Manila”

Easter eggs

  Cherry tomatoes tapenade & quail eggs on top

Chicken liver pâté on egg & deep fried potatoes

 Chicken salad with avocado & tomatoes 
on a bed of fresh mixed greens
 Pan grilled beef medallion with pink pepper corn
& sliced roast potato 

The Heritage Hotel Manila in cooperation with the Earth Day Network & Greenpeace present the dual celebration of Easter and Earth Day to double the delight of diners to the unique egg-citing and environment-friendly special lunch buffet and family activities on April 24, 2011, Lunch Buffet, 11.30 AM- 2.30 PM at the Riviera Cafe. 

Children are encouraged to blaze a trail in expressing their ideas and commitment for the one-of-a-kind “Save the Planet” On the Spot Drawing for Cake Contest to win a fabulous prize. Artworks are sketched on paper, scanned, printed on edible material and meticulously placed on a cake for a memorable and yummy souvenir.  Treats aplenty courtesy of Sweetlink, Magnolia Chocolait, Jellyace, Cherifer, PedZinc, Timezone, Starpaper – Conqueror, Insular Life, Unilever, Ecothings, URC - Animal Bites, Presto, Refresh, Leslies - Cheezy Puffs, Cheezy and other sponsors.

The eco-friendly event comes on the heels of the Heritage Hotel’s participation in the “Earth Hour 2011 and Beyond.” The symbolic act of the Earth Hour is a significant step towards raising awareness and fostering commitment for concrete actions for a better planet in the long-run. The Heritage Hotel integrates measures in its operations to reduce its carbon footprints, conserve energy and preserve the ecosystem in order help curb global warming and climate change. 

Taking a step forward and beyond the Earth Hour switching off the lights campaign, the Heritage Hotel fosters a sustainable lifestyle in its Easter event. All the materials and props used in the Easter festivity are recyclable and Earth-friendly. The Easter fork, knife, spoon and meal containers for guests are made of taterware, material made of 100% biodegradable, compostable and GMO-free potato starch.

While the fun arts and crafts activities for parents and the little ones are geared towards imbibing the 3Rs of re-use, reduce and recycle for nurturing mother Earth.

As a culinary indulgence, Executive Chef Alex has orchestrated a special Easter buffet menu for a symphony of flavours tucked in the fresh-off-the-grill Red Mullet, Squids, Salmon Belly, Red Snapper, Rib Eye, Barbeque Marinated Chicken & Chicken/Beef Satay; Hot Bites of Herbal Boneless Chicken Leg, Beef Stew & Potatoes, Steamed Hot & Spicy Fish, Vegetables Lasagna, Stir Fried Black pepper Beef and Chawan Mushi; vegetables in season cooked ala minute with choice of Thai, Cantonese, Western and Malay sauce; Assorted Sushis, Makis & Sashimis made of Salmon, Unagi & Tuna; Filipino flair of Stingray and Malunggay Leaves in Coconut Milk & Sauteed Bitter Gourd and Shrimps; Pica-pica of Vegetarian Pizza, Fried Hong Kong Dim Sum & Nachos & Tacos; the Hotel’s signature Hainanese Chicken Rice with Condiments; Noodle Nook of Yong Tau Foo – A variety of vegetables stuffed with fish meat paste cooked in ikan bilis soup; Chinese corner glistening with Sucking Pig with Steamed Man Tou, Wok Fried Roasted Pork with XO Sauce and Sweet Bean Barbeque Spare Ribs & Chicken wings stuffed with ground chicken, carrots, black mushroom and sweet sauce; fancy sweets of apple pies, mixed fruit panna cotta, crème brulee, Easter green dessert, chocolate mousse, chocolate lava, peanut butter pie, tiramisu, rainbow-colored Southeast Asian rice cakes and kuehs & ice cream classics of vanilla, chocolate, yam & mango; and fresh fruits in season.

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