Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Filpino Food Promo at The Heritage Hotel Manila

As a pre-holiday salvo, unravel the rich culinary flavors of the Philippine islands during the Filipino Food Promotion amidst an international fare at the Riviera Café from November 1-14, 2008 for Lunch/Dinner Buffet.

Fresh from huge success of showcasing Filipino gastronomic favorites in Grand Waterfront Hotel, Singapore and Millennium Hotel Jakarta, the Heritage Hotel’s culinary team composed of Sous Chef Roger Armas, Chef de Partie Leanne Canono, Sous Chef Domeng Madriano’s and Demi Chef Peter Pancubila spellbind local diners with the rich tastes and traditions of Filipino cuisine much raved about in our neighboring countries.

Executive Chef Sunny Goh also infuses his Southeast Asian cooking style with the quintessential regional fiesta favorites as incarnated in gourmet renditions of Lechon (a whole roasted suckling pig), Kalderetang Kambing-Ilocano Style, Chicken Inasal-Bacolod Style, Papaitang Kambing (Ilokano Style, Fish Escabeche (Fried Fish With Sweet And Sour Sauce), Rellenong Alimasag (Stuffed Crabs), Kare-kare (oxtail and vegetables cooked in peanut sauce), together with other gastronomic wonders.

You can also relish in the gourmand’s version of Bagoong as the sauce de rigor to perfectly pair with your choice of Philippine main entrée. This fermented sauce is the country’s answer to Malaysia’s Balachan, Indonesia’ Trassi, and Thailand’s Kapi.

Then savor fresh new epicurean interpretations of sweet delights such as Kakanin (Native Rice Cakes), Maja Blanca (Corn Pudding), Leche Flan (Caramel Custard), Turon ((Crispy Banana Rolls), Buko Salad A La Crema (Young Coconut Salad with Sweet Cream), and the icy-goodness of Halo-halo.

Fill your palate with an exciting array of Philippine cuisine and you’ll pleasantly discover the exuberance and joie de vivre of Philippine fiestas, the Bayanihan spirit and the lavishness and deep undertones of more than three centuries of Spanish colonial influence mingling with Chinese, Indian Malay traders’ and Philippine regional recipes and ingredients. The merry outcome of which is a mirthful melting pot of flavors as diverse and fascinating as the country’s 7,107 islands.

Enjoy the tempting flavors of the Philippine islands but don’t forget to hop off to the bars and stations especially for whimsical salads; gourmet cheeses; Shabu-shabu; Japanese maki, sushi, sashimi and tempuras; Chinese dimsum & dumplings; exotic Southeast Asian gastronomic marvels made of Satay, Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee and Beef Rendang; western selection; fresh seafood & meats for grilling – oyster, mussels, prawn, squid, salmon belly, blue marlin, clam, scallop, sea cucumber, lamb leg and rib eye; noodles & pasta with gourmet sauces, fresh fruits & ice cream as well as additional carvings of roast rib eye, roast duck or baked salmon.

For inquiries and dining reservations, call The Heritage Hotel Manila at 854-8888 or e-mail The Heritage Hotel Manila is managed by Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

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