Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dreamscape of Delights at The Heritage Hotel Manila

Southeast Asian Thrills
August 2 - 31, 2010
Lunch / Dinner Buffet - PhP 1,100.++

In celebration of Singaporean & Malaysian National Day, explore the provocative cultural origins, diverse flavors and spices-rich yet  eye-catching and contemporary-styled Singaporean & Malaysian gastronomies highlighting the Hotel’s must-try, hugely popular and authentic Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Satay & Beef Rendang with a dollop of Executive Chef Alex’s magic touches,  amid a feast of Eastern and Western fare

August 11 to September 10, 2010

Goreng Istimewa, Chicken Curry with Rice and Nasi Lemak from 1:00 am to 4:30 am either at the Lobby Lounge or Room Service. 

All meat served are Halal-certified.

Surau Prayer Room  -  Room 301 & 366  

A devoted prayer room with prayer mat and Kiblat will be provided to all in-house guests as they reflect and meditate in solitude during Ramadan.

Cake of the Month
Sansrival Dulce de Leche

Whole:  PhP 950++          
Slice: PhP 170++

Charm hearts with layers of chilled & crispy meringue wafers, roasted cashew nuts, creamy caramel butter cream and ground hazelnut and a surprise punch of luscious caramel sauce.

A heavenly mix of the light, fluffy, crunchy & gooey sweet sensations, all in one bite!

Drink of the Month
Buko-Lychee Swirl

Php 230.++

Swoon over the perfect duet of the sweetness of lychees and freshness of young coconut meat with undertones of pineapple and almond essence serenading your palate. 

A rich natural source of anti-oxidants, vitamin C and potassium.

Be enamored with the soothing harmony of flavors! 

Wine of the Month

Tannic and fleshy wine with hints of prune.
Aromatic with the hint of citrus and honey.
Intense fruit character with tropical nuances.

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