Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Southeast Asian Thrills at The Heritage Hotel Manila

Gourmet Green Salad with Sweet Soy Glazed Atlantic Salmon

Five Spice Duck Confit with Hoisin & Chive & 
Stuffed Boneless Chicken with Raisin Rice in Bamboo 

Pulut Hitam with Purple Yum Ice Cream 
and Praline Cheese cake 

In celebration of Singapore and Malaysian National Day in August, relish the month-long revelry of multi-layered spices and slow-cooked techniques that fuse into the intriguing flavors of uniquely Southeast Asian Buffet Lunch or Dinner Spread crowning the international fare at the Riviera Café. 

Must-try signature dishes are Singapore’s Laksa,  Hainanese Chicken Rice, Prawn with Black Pepper Sauce, Chili Crab and Bah Kut Teh; Malaysia’s Satay, Prawn Mee and Beef Rendang alongside Indonesia’s Gado-Gado, Thailand’s Tom Yam soup, Vietnam’s fresh spring rolls, other ambrosial creations and Kueh as part of the desserts. 

Have a little thrill in the countless sticks of Satay, the trail of mouth-watering aromatic scent precedes this favourite Singaporean and Malaysian street hawker’s delight, leading you to the fresh-off-the-grill savoury chicken, mutton or beef steeped in a sweet-spicy marinate. This MUST-TRY gastronomic treat tastes best with a punchy peanut sauce for dipping, and fresh cucumbers, raw onion and steamed rice cakes on the side.

Sizzle the senses with the famous Singaporean comfort food of Laksa that is simply synonymous to “Sedap-lah!” (Simply delicious!) any time of day or night. This irresistible concoction of noodles made from rice flour is swathed in velvety gravy made from spices, herbs, dried shrimp, coconut milk and chili. 

Pour the heart’s gusto for the Hainanese Chicken Rice, the provocative fragrant rice cooked in chicken stock and other secret ingredients is impeccably accompanied by steamed or roasted chicken dipped in the blending flavors of dark soy sauce, ground ginger paste, and chili sauce on the side. Discover for the taste of what is considered as the ultimate Singaporean national dish!

Find white heat in the prawn with black pepper sauce, its sophisticated texture and taste of stir-fried fresh seafood blended with zestful sauces and spices bring goodness in every bite. 

Complete the gastronomic thrill ride to a sampling of a rainbow of Kuehs, delicately prepared to perfection, this intriguing parade of vibrant colors is made of Southeast Asia’s secret ingredients for heart-melting desserts: coconut milk, glutinous rice, sweet potatoes, tapioca, palm sugar and pandan.

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