Friday, March 4, 2011

Lambanog-infused Gourmet Creations at The Heritage Hotel Manila





The chefs at the kitchen theatre of the Riviera Café showcase the best of Philippine flavors in its fanciful Lambanog-infused gourmet creations, the latest addition to the restaurant’s dynamic and multi-hued international menu for lunch/dinner buffet spread.

Have a taste of the country’s bucolic life in the merry zest of Lambanog seeped in Drunken Shrimps, Stir fried Beef & Vegetable on Rice Toppings, Chicken Rice Toppings and Deep Fried Battered Crablets which the chefs will conjure hot and fresh off the wok and grill to indulge the guests’ whim. 

While anticipating the culinary explosion of aromas and spices mingling with Lambanog in the live cooking station, jumpstart to firing up the appetites with Lambanog-steeped nibblers of Marinated King Mackerel Loins with Orange Lambanog Sauce, Crispy Fried Tofu and Chicken with Soya Lambanog Dip, Blue Lambanog Marinated Salmon with Herbs, Lambanog Seasoned Japanese Salad on Peppered Seared Tuna, Lemon Lambanog Marinated Prawn Ceviche and Roast Beef & Vegetable with Balsamic Lambanog Reduction.

Known as the Philippine version of Russian Vodka for its taste and potency of 80 to 90 proof and akin to Grappa for its roots and popularity among the farmers, the fascinatingly-prepared Lambanog is harvested by farmers climbing the 30-feet high coconut trees. Using a bamboo and sickle, the farmer collects the sap or “tuba” from the sap of flowers. Subsequently, the sap is fermented and distilled for hours to make Lambanog. This Philippine vodka is traditionally produced in the Quezon Province where the coconut tree grows in abundance. Quaffing Lambanog is a communal tradition of tagayan or a round robbin of drinking shots accompanied by singing and playing of guitar. 

For foodies, sampling Lambanog mixed in the international culinary selection at the Riviera Café is a short cut to experiencing the traditions and subdued kick of this strong-flavored beverage.
Other highlights at the international buffet include the Halal- spectrum of Fresh Grill Station teeming with red Red Mullet, Squids, Salmon Belly, Red Snapper, Rib Eye; Barbeque Marinated Chicken, Chicken/  Beef Satay and Carving Station of one of the succulent savory delights of Roast Rib Eye with Prime Ribs, Peppered Barbeque Chicken, Roast Baked Chicken Roll, Baked Salmon, Beef Wellington and Roasted Stuffed Lamb Leg.

For a globetrotting culinary quest, hop off to the Chinese Section of Vegetarian, Seafood & Chicken Dimsum and dumplings; Signature Hainanese Chicken Rice Stall;  Noodle Nook; Japanese sushi and maki made of Lapu Lapu, Salmon, Tuna,  Squid, Seaweed & Unagi and  Pasta dish of the day Tortelloni al Pomodoro, Pappardelle al Sugo, Penne all’Arrabbiata, Ravioletti con Pesto, Spaghetti alla Marinara, Rigatoni con Broccoli Rape e Pignoli and Capellini d’Angelo alla Marechiaro 

Balance the culinary voyage to the best of both worlds, venture into the Main Asian fare of four items varying daily in the medley of Wok Fried Salt & Pepper Prawns, Seafood Bean Curd in Oyster Sauce, Braised Chicken  & Bitter Round, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet, Lemon Chicken, Beef Rendang, Chicken Curry, Fish Head curry & Thai Style Sea Bass in Coconut Milk and the Main Western Fare of three items per cycle menu of Andreoli Style Citrus Sea bass, Sauteed Clams Italian Style, Cream Dory with Potatoes and Ratatouille, Spinach and Ricotta Filled Mussels, Chicken Piccata in Tomato Sauce, Chicken Calabrese with Olives and Potatoes, Chicken Cacciatore (Pollo Alla Cacciatora),Duck Breast in Maraschino Cherries Sauce and Roast Duck Orange Sauce

An assortment of mouth-watering  non-Halal culinary masterpieces are also available at a separate corner full of  Teow Chew Porridge & Condiments, Braised pork belly with salt yellow bean, Braised soya duck, Sichuan vegetable, Preserved beancurd and Wok fried roasted pork with soya sauce.
The buffet is accentuated with a healthy dose of the fresh greens at the salad Station, Asian & Western spices at the soup strip and for the fitting finale the sweet sensations of the petite four assortments of apple pie, New York Cheesecake, crème brulee, chocolait parfait, vanilla panna cotta Peanut Butter Pie, Tiramisu, variety of Mousse Cakes & Southeast Asian rice cakes, classic ice cream flavors and fresh fruits in season are a must-try. 

Call 854.8888 or for inquiries and reservations. The Heritage Hotel Manila is managed by the Millennium Hotels and Resorts.  

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